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December 10th marked the end of an era in RC Onroad Racing in Southern California. The closing of Steel City Speedway in Fontana. Even Mother Nature was cruel that weekend cutting the end short by one day because of rain. But the mains were moved up to Saturday, Mike was on his game as usual and the rain held off to complete the racing and enjoy a nice evening of food and tributes.

The closing of the highly recognizable facility (2 Worlds, Some Nats, THE KO and other Headlining events) was to no fault of their own. And if you know where the track is and what ground it was situated on, that's all I have to say about that. And now there is a new "N" word that shall not be spoken by many as the harsh reality of greed and profit sets in.

The Goodwines put their Heart and Soul into this facility. The RC Racing Community owe them a lot for having this great facility for us to use as long as we did. And always the special thanks that goes out to the guys that helped every weekend in getting the track ready. While it isn't like setting up a temp track, there was a lot of work to get done before opening. And after a while it was like watching a choreographed performance. That's just how efficient they became.

It is doubtful that we will have another facility like this, just because of the land cost in SoCal and more and more areas being built up which leaves less and less space to have noisy cars run and no one complains.

So with all sincerity. Thank you Goodwines and SCS, it was a Blast.


The Final STC Podium

2) Austin Sarnelle             1) Kyle Goodwine                  3) Bill Jeric

For the 4 days of the 2022 US Nats presented by FG Supply it was nice and toasty or should I say roasty. Grip was good and everyone had their setups dialed as we saw minimal rollovers. On Sunday afternoon we got a little bit of a break as the clouds started rolling in from the storm (yes storm) that had just flooded an area of So Cal the day before. The racing was great and the battle for TQ in STC resumed between Kyle Goodwine and Satoshi Takesako. Those two would get the free pass to the mains whille the rest of the drivers would race their way in. Lazaro Alonso, Chris Velez and David Blakeney would get in from the 1/2 Even and Austin Sarnelle, Bill Jeric, George Velazco, Ken Gerberding and Luis Rinzivillo from the 1/2 Odd.

                                                8) Ken Gerberding     4) Satoshi Takesako                                                                               5) Luis Rinzivillo



The heartbreak award has to go to James Stuard. He led the first 22 laps of the race until a mechanical took him out. But like they say: To finish First, you must first finish.

Spec 5

2) Jacob LaCroix         1) Ghost of Paul Smith       3) Gary Kyes


2) Derrick Butterfield     1) Walter Diaz     3) Austin Sarnelle

Kyle Goodwine lead the first 15 laps untill an issue sidelined him handing the lead over to Walter Diaz. Walter jumped from 3rd to 2nd by Lap 3 and Chris Velez went from 2nd to 6th by lap 3, Chris would make it to 4th on lap 4 only to go to 8th by lap 6th. He would make ot to 6th by lap 18 and would stay there. Craig Kaplan had a brief stint into 3rd but would drop back to 5th aound lap 17 and would finish there. Austin Sarnelle madeup the most ground from the start. Making it as high as 2nd and settling to 3rd for the duration. Derrick Butterfield made his way to 2nd by lap18 and would finish there.

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