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Happy Holidays from West Coast 5th Scale






RAMS, Hint Hint Nudge Nudge, Keep this race for next year.

Oct 10-11 - The RAMS got everyone together and hosted a two day event. Their Halloween G.P. 1st Annual ???. Yeah they should keep this race. The weather was nice although it could have been hit and miss as there was rain predicted earlier in the week, that eventually changed. It was a pretty good turnout and some good racing as well. There were even some unexpected visitors as Tod Rizzo, Bryn and Tony Foskett showed up.

The event even dragged Tony Vega out who hadn't competed in 5th scale for nearly a year. We did miss seeing Sanchez and Drennen and the Soublet's.

Saturday was a good leisurely practice day with everyone getting the dust off their cars and getting some rubber down on the track. Times started off in the 20's and began to work their way down to a few low 17's by the end of the day. When practice was over we had a good get together at the Lazy Dog. All of the So Cal crew with some of the RAMS enjoyed some good food, chat and drinks. Thank you Jojo.

Sunday morning rolls around and a few more folks show up for a pretty good turnout for the race. Even Mr. F1 "Always Podium" showed up and Super Sport Champ Kurt. Even Tim (Gerace) got to run.

For F1 it was Fernando Jose Getting TQ and coming away with the win. In Sportsman, Tim Gerace got the win, Supersport had Steve Gerace as your winner and in STC John Burnett (TQ) was
victorious. 6 of the 8 running cars in STC were all in the mid 16's so that shows you were you need to be on this track to be competitive.



Once the flagged dropped John would never be seen again...lol. He ran a clean consistent race on his way to the win.

3rd -  Craig Kaplan   1st - John Burnett   2nd - Arnold Mercado

Opening Laps of STC Race




Its good to be on the pole. Fernando Jose had a clear shot into Turn 1 and missed what happened behind him. May have been an interesting race otherwise....Just saying.

3rd - Chuck Clendenen   1st - Fernando Jose   2nd - Hau-Ching Liao (Mr. Podium)


Super Sport

Steve had a great run on his way to his win by 3 laps over 2nd place.

3rd - Hau-Ching Liao   1st - Steve Gerace   2nd - Chuck Clendenen



It was good to see Tim get out from behind the mic and run, Congrats

1st - Tim Gerace   2nd - Al Gerace

gruop gruop

gruop gruop  




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