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2019 KO Propo G.P.

at SCS



KO Propo 2019 STC: Well Kyle Goodwine decided to dust off his Goodwin Racing Mecatech and compete in the KO Propo G.P. From the time the car hit the track he looked like the car to beat. Tony Tam and Craig Kaplan applied the pressure to keep Kyle on his game during quals. The green flag dropped for the main and it was Kyle out in front until a mistake dropped him out of the lead and Tony would take over. With another uncharacteristic issue Kyle would drop back and eventually finish 6th. Craig remained solid the whole event until running out of gas with about 40 seconds left and Victor having started in 11th would come home in 3rd.




KO Propo 2019 SPEC 5: The Gerberding Passehl rivalry continued at the KO G.P. with qual after qual with them being seperated by 10ths of seconds. Paul Smith got in there for a qual win and would end up with a solid run in the main and would come home 4th. Gary Kyes would continue his podium run with a 3rd. Lee would hound Ken all race long with the two of them never sperated by more than  2 seconds and that was usually because of traffic or a slight mistake by the leader.