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Protoform G.P.


The Spec 5 guys were the first of 5th scale to hit the track for the 2nd Annual Protoform GP at SCS. The competition started off fierce and remained that way the whole weekend. Ken Gerberding would get first blood with Gary Kyes, Lee Passehl, Matthew Myers, Don Natle and Kevin Kilber to follow. 24 sec covering 2nd to 6th. By Round 2 Lee had found pace and snatched the top spot and Gary Kyes would join the 11 lap club. By round 3 Ken would return the favor and Kevin would best Matthew. By round 4 your top 5 would be Ken, Lee, Gary, Matthew and Kevin. Round 5 Lee gets back on top and Round 6 remains status quo. Which setup everything for the race. Ken tried his best to stay with Lee and did well the first part of the race until a pass on a back marker saw him doing a slow rollover. Ken would keep Lee honest and finished 8 seconds behind. Gary Kyes finds himself with a solid run and another podium with Kevin Kilber getting 4th and Matthew Myers in 5th.



Paul and Rich had Round 1 to themselves with Paul getting top spot 1.545 seconds over Rich, both hitting 11 laps. Round 2 Steven Scott joined the party and Rich would get top spot hitting 11 laps and Paul and Steven with 10. Round 3 Rich still holds on to the top spot. Round 4 Victor, James and Z would arrive to join the party. Victor would get top spot with 11 laps 7 seconds over Paul Smith and Rich Reybok 0.153 seconds behind Paul.  Round 6 had Frank Pena announce his presence and got 2nd in the round. Victor (TQ) wins 1 lap over Paul and Paul 6 seconds over Rich. Z Isayan and James round out the top 5.