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Happy Holidays from West Coast 5th Scale





It's time for the Toys for Tots race at Steel City Speedway. It was great to see the supportive turnout for the race and the amount of toys collected was impressive. It's Saturday Morning and its cold. The original forecast said a high of 62 so figuring it is Fontana it may be a couple degrees higher...WRONG. By Noon it was 52 and 1:00 it was 54 and that is where it would stay. Some people even packed up and went home when the wind chill took effect from the breeze blowing. 54 Degrees...Not a good combination for getting grip with rubber tires.

In Q2 it was Kyle just making 27 with Victor at 26 and Craig and Phil at 25.
The Spec5 guys seemed to be having a little better time of it with their 4WD cars and Ken and Gary both running 26 laps.

In Q3 Kyle backed up his 27 with Craig running his best Q with a 26.
In Q3 the Spec 5 top two were right up there in times. Gary Kyes and Ken Gerberding both running 27 laps and Mike Braun (Track Announcer Extraordinaire) getting to run in this event had his
best run.

The mains are set an in spec5 Gary Kyes edged out Ken Gerberding for TQ by 1/10. Paul Smith, Chris Markley and Mike Braun would be your top 5. In STC Kyle Goodwine would get pole followed by Craig Kaplan, Victor Garcia, Phil Goodwine and James Stuard.

The SPEC5 Main had some great battles. A good tight battle for first for as long as it lasted (see video) between Gary and Ken and the group that couldn't get away from each other all race long ending up in a battle for second to the end. Chris Markley, Paul Smith and Mike Braun.

In STC it was the Kyle show. Kyle put on a clinic with his dominating performance over the field. The closest anyone got to Kyle was Craig Kaplan on the first lap in turn 4 where he was side by side on an inside dive pass that didn't work. After that Kyle just started to check out and won by a lap over Craig. Cedric Collins (finally finishing a race in who knows how long) finished 3rd with Victor Garcia in 4th and Quoc Nguyen in 5th.


2 - Craig Kaplan         1 - Kyle Goodwine          3 - Cedric Collins

STC Race (Full)


2 - Paul Smith         1 - Ken Gerberding          3 - Chris Markley

Early Battle for 1st

Mid Race tight Battle for 1st

End Race battle for second with Markley, Smith and Braun





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