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KO Propo GP 2020

By observing Thursday and Friday practice the one to watch looked to be new arrival to 5th scale (at SCS) Satoshi Takesako. But as qualifying started, the one to watch was Ken Gerberding. Ken ran some quick and consistent laps to take TQ for Friday just missing out on a 30 lap run by 1.7 seconds. Your top three for Friday all running 29 laps were Ken, Satoshi and Phil Goodwine. But we are missing a few drivers that could shake up the standings come Saturday. Come Saturday and the gangs all here, Satoshi found that speed he had been showing in practice and got a 30 lap run Saturday morning. He backed that up with another 30 lap run by Saturday afternoon (Round 4) and grabbed TQ in the points format. Craig Kaplan was able to get in a 29 lap run just short of Gerberding's time. Jason Markley was able to improved on his time and would grab the 3 spot on the grid. Your starting 5 for the main would be: Satoshi, Ken, Jason, Phil and Craig.

Satoshi got a good start while behind him there was a little bumping around for position. By the end of lap 1 the one who made out was Craig Kaplan, going from 5th to 3rd and the next lap into 2nd. By lap 10 Craig had taken over the top spot only to lose it back on lap 25, he would regain the top spot on lap 33 and not look back. Ken would finish in 2nd and Victor Garcia in 3rd.

Ken Gerberding             Craig Kaplan                    Victor Garcia


For SPEC 5 the big news was that Joel Johnson was going to be running a Goodwine prepared car for the event. He ended up where everyone expected him to be after qualifying but not by a long shot. The top 4 drivers all had the same number of laps and separated by 11 seconds. At  the start of the race everyone got away clean until turn 1 when the prison break club was put on Joel and he went from 1st to last. He would make it back to 4th by lap 14 only to retire a short time later. Paul Smith would take over the top spot and never look back. Gary Kyes would take second and Kody Kilber in 3rd.

Gary Kyes             Paul Smith                    Kody Kilber





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