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 The World Challenge Recap Below



Well this turned out to be one of the biggest turnouts for the event without our european competitors in a long while. Thanks to the Goodwines for an excellent venue as always, the track prep crew, thanks to the sponsors and thanks to Victor. We had racers that hadn't competed since Covid started and some even further back than that. It was good to see some new additions to the 5th Scale Racing Family, The Velez's, Panda back for another round, Dereck Butterfield giving up his Spec 5 for the big boys. The Sarnelle's returning, Kenny Watkins and Frank Pena. Anthony Cope, Andrew Alden and the RAMS and Texas 5 contingent.

bryn  george

If you were here on Friday the wind was a challenge. From your car on the track to being on the drivers stand thinking at any time this was going to take flight. Saturday was better with some breezes and you couldn't ask for better on Sunday for the Mains.

Dave  T5


The biggest turn out of F1 in years saw some new drivers and old rivalries rekindled. It was good to have Hugh in Town, Bob Sarnelle showed up to rekindle that battle, BUT WAIT, now the rivalry is complete Bryn Foskett is also here, Mr Podium Hau-Ching, old timer Kenny Watkins and the new crew of Jansen Ng and Texas 5 driver Marquell Osborne.


Now it's time for Sportsman, it was the Tom Wong show from the drop of the flag. We thought it was going to be a good battle between Tom and Frank Pena  (retuning to racing) but Frank had issues on Lap Two and would soon retire. Then 4th to 2nd Danny Pacho tried to give Tom a run only to fall to 3rd by lap 16 and then it was Mr Podium Hau-Ching Liao jumping from 7th to 2nd on lap 17 and would stay there. The surprise and making the trip worth it was his brother
Huan-Ching (who actually out qualified Hau) who made it into 3rd on lap 39 to make for a great family photo op. Danny Pacho and Samuel Bronson round out the top 5

Sat  hugh


Then it was the exibition race. The Stadium Trucks and yes they looked like the real ones on a roadcourse. The Supercross start was a good touch and provided some early race drama, by end of lap 1 things had changed and your pole sitter Dereck Butterfield by lap 3 found himself in last. 4th place starter Jason Markley was now in the lead followed by David Wang and Jason Sheerer on the move. By mid race it was Jason Markley, Dereck making his way back to 2nd and Jason Sheerer in 3rd. By the drop of the flag it was Dereck Butterfield , Jason Markley and David Wang.

Gary bf1 liao



Its time for the finale, STC
The start was a little rough but everyone made it through with Kyle Goodwine getting the worst of it and going from 2nd to 5th. He would have his job cut out for him trying to make it back to the top. Satoshi Takesako seemed to have the race well under control. Tony Tam gave a valiant effort and ran 2nd until lap 30 and then eventually finishing 4th. Kyle had made his way back to 2nd by lap 30 but there was no way he was going to catch Satoshi. The battles then became Craig Kaplan and Tony Tam for 3rd and Dave Stroud and Luis Rinzivillo for 5th. Those battles would run to the end of the race. Your top 5 in STC was Satoshi, Kyle, Craig, Tony and Dave.

Full Stc


2. Kyle Goodwine 1. Satoshi Takesako 3. Crag Kaplan

10. Austin Sarnelle 8. Ken Gerberding 6. Luis Rinzivillo 4. Tony Tam                             5. Dave Stroud 7. George Velazco 9. Tony Vega


Race Start

Kaplan / Tan late race battle for 3rd

Mid Race battle with Kyle Tony and George

Dave / Luis late race battle for 5th


2. Pepe Velez  1. Paul Smith  3. Jason Sheerer



2. Hau-Ching Liao  1. Tom Wong  3. Huan-Ching Liao



2. Hugh Lawson  1. Jason Markley  3. Cedric Collins


Stadium Trucks

2. Jason Markley  1. Dereck Butterfield  3. David Wang

Stadium Trucks Start


2. Matthew Myers   1. Bill Lin   3. Tyrone Robinson

It is Saturday and Welcome to the 2021 Bill Margolis West Coast Championship presented by the RAMS, the longest running 5th scale OnRoad race on the West Coast. This race will usually draw people from around the country and Canada. With some folks still recovering from this crazy year and a half, some haven't gotten their traveling wheels back and so the turnout was a little low for this years race, but THAT DID NOT take away from the intensity. With most of the F1 guys not going to show until Sunday, that class did not run until then which made that one qualifier all the more important. The competition on Saturday was spread across Sportsman, SuperSport and STC. In the first round of Sportsman it was Brian Rodrigues followed by Brendon Foskett and Byron Soublet. By Round 2 Brian had improved his pace by a lap and Brendon and Byron held station, Round 3 Brendon found his grove beat Brian's previous TQ by 1 lap to get the top spot. But now the sweating had to start because there were more drivers coming out on Sunday. On Sunday it was one and done in Round 4 for Al Gerace as he grabs TQ.  In SuperSport your weekend started off with a Round 1 win for Kurt Jamrus running 32 laps with a 10:05.056 followed by David Tamira and Jojo Bayabo. Round 2 your winner would be David Tamira followed by Jojo and Brandon Soublet. David's time wasn't fast enough to bump Kurt but put him in 2nd for the moment. Round 3 your winner was Jojo running a 31 along with Kurt. This would put Jojo is spot #3. The final round everyone meant buisiness in SuperSport. Kurts TQ was in serious jeopardy from Danny Pacho, Hau-Ching Liao and Jojo. All drivers ran 32 laps and Danny just missed out on TQ by 0.525. In STC the competition was hot and heavy. Victor Garcia still coming to grips with the short chassis found something this weekend as he set the unofficial track record on Saturday and then backed it up on Sunday running a 15.886. If you were not running low, low 16's, you were fighting for 5th in the main. In Round 1 it was John Burnett grabing the early TQ running 36 laps with the top 4 seperated by 8 seconds. In Round 2 it was Tony Vega running fast with a 36 in 10:01.406 beating Johns previous mark  by 4.3 seconds, followed by Burnett and Dave Stroud. In Round 3 it was Vega and Burnett going one lap better running 37's and Vega holding on to TQ. On Sunday, Round 4 it was Victor Garcia that grabbed pole in his last qualifier and it was touch and go for Vega, but he eventually beat out Victor for TQ running 37 in 10:08.028.

Danny Pacho

Kurt Jamrus

Brandon Soublet, Full car tear down

Danny P. and Hau-Ching

Fernando Jose

Arnold Mercado

David and Jansen

John Burnett

Jojo Bayabo

Tony Tam

Victor Garcia

Additional Pics from Byron



1) Tony Vega  2) Victor Garcia   3) John Burnett


1) Fernando Jose  2) Cedric Collins  3) Hau-Ching Laio

Super Sport

1) Danny Pacho  2)  Hau-Ching Liao  3) Tim Gerace


1) Brendan Foskett  2) Al Gerace  3) Brian Rodrigues

STC Battle

F1 Battle

Super Sport Battle





5th Scale US Nats


As the Applebees song goes.....Welcome back

 We had a decent turnout for the race with everyone starting to emerge from their bunkers due to Covid. Unfortunately we had a date conflict and lost out on Texas 5 guys coming but that did not take away from the title bout. Like the Fight of the Century (Last Year), Super Fight II (This Year) we have the Thrilla in Manilla to look foward to either in 3 months or next year. The battle between Kyle Goodwine and Satoshi Takesako is reminissense of Ali and Foreman. Kyle got the better of Satoshi last year with a 98.18% consistency run. Satoshi returned the favor this year running 98.00% consistency. We cant wait for round 3.


Well it was good to see three of the five 5th scale areas represented in the main event.  Socal , NoCal and Miami and some guy named Panda (Kevin Cole) making his first start in a 5th scale STC car. Satoshi and Kyle dominated the event but Kyle gave Craig a brief moment of exhilaration when he got by him for 2nd but that didn't last long. Kyle would get back to 2nd by the next lap and stay there till the end. The biggest mover was Tony Vega, starting in 8th and getting up to 5th in 6 laps and getting as high as 4th at one point in the race. Victor Garcia (Q5) and Tony Tam (Q3) had early race incidents that ended their day. The Miami Gang ran a good consistent race and both drivers made up multiple places from their starting positions. George Velazco would finish 4th and Luis Rinzivillo would finish 6th.  Your finishing order was:

  6-Luis Rinzivillo  4-George Velazco  2-Kyle Goodwine  1-Satoshi Takesako  3-Craig Caplan  5-Tony Vega 

   10-Victor Garcia   8-Ken Gerberding  7-Panda   9-Tony Tam



Mr Podium, it always happens. Congrats to Hau-Ching Liau on his F1 Victory.

2nd - Jason Markley  1st - Hau-Ching Liau


In Sportsman it was your pole sitter James Stuard that lead most of the 52 laps the race was run by the eventual winner.  But things got interesting on lap 38 when James went from 1st to 2nd, Z Isayan from 2nd to 1st then one lap later Z woulld go from 1st to 3rd, James back to 1st only on the next lap to fall to 2nd and Tom Wong would go from 3rd to 1st and stay there till the end for the win.  Mr Podium would sneak in for 3rd with Jojo Bayabo 4th and Z finishing 5th.

2 -  James Stuard   1 - Tom Wong   3 - Hau-Ching Liau




In SPEC 5 it was Garen Hagobian in the Goodwine prepared ride laying down some great laps in qualifying. In the main he started second behind TQ Paul Smith, by lap 6 everyone had their shot at leading with Gary taking the lead for a stint on lap 6 and holding it until lap 36 when Garen would take the lead for good. Both would finish with 53 laps with Gary 7 seconds behind for 2nd.




2021 Protoform Nitro Grand Prix

Apr 21, 2021 to Apr 25, 2021

It's race time and you could tell racers were ready to leave the couch and the walls of the house behind to come out for some good RC racing.

It was a great turnout for the Protoform GP and congrats to the Goodwines for hosting another great race. But we are here to talk about 5th scale so lets get to it.

It's Friday and Round 1 is about to get going. Some of the racers either could not get the day of or figured they would hit it hard Saturday with rounds 3 - 5.  In SPEC 5 you had Tom Prokop running a 26 10:06 with Eugene Osburn's 26 10:20 followed by Gary Kyes,Paul Smith and Rich Reybok. You just know as the rubber gets down they will get faster.

In STC Kyle Goodwine laid down a 29 10:09 with a fast lap of 20.427 letting everyone know he means business.  Phill Goodwine would run a 27 lapper and Bill Lin a 26 in round 1. You know those would improve with time and rubber.

Round 2

Gary got his car together and ran a 27 10:12 with Tom right behind him with a 27 10:20, Eugene fell a little of the pace and David Figueroa got his frst laps in.

In STC Kyle was alittle off pace, 0.05 seconds...lol. Running another 29 and putting his stamp on the event as
the man to beat. Phil running another 27 and Ken Gerberding getting on the board edging out Bill Lin for 3rd qualifier.

Round 3

Paul Smith gets on track with a 27 lap run to get in the game with Gary and Tom.
Rich and Josh run 26's.

Kyle continued his assault on the 29's this time with a 10:05 showing his consistency.
Phil improved on his time running a 28 with Rich, Bill and James all running 26's.

Round 4

Round 4 and the drivers you expect to be on top in SPEC 5 are there all running 27 laps seperated by
0.15 secs. Josh Alton and Rich still getting the feel for the car came in with 26's.

With the rubber getting laid down Kyle found some extra speed in this run and put down a 30 10:14 with
Rich, Craig and Ken all running 28's improving their standings. Kyle will definitely be headmaster unless the others find some speed in their cars.

Final Round

Round 5 No one in SPEC5 improved on time with only three drivers taking to the track for this round.

Another Kyle slightly off pace putting in another 30 lap run. Craig Kaplan improved to a 29 and Victor
Garcia got a good run in with a 28 still trying to come to grips with the short wheelbase car.

It's the Mains

Gary Kyes starts on Pole and with clean and consistent driving would never relinquish the spot
running a fast lap of 22.150, he would finish 3.5 seconds over surprise 2nd place finisher Rich
Reybok. After some tips from on and off SPEC5 driver Ken Gerb the light bulb came on and Rich had the
car down, Rich's fast lap of 22.225 was 0.75 seconds off Gary's pace and he looks to be a threat in future
SPEC5 races.

Paul Smith would come home in 3rd with Tom Prokop 4th and Josh Alton 5th.

Kyle would start on pole and had this race well in control. The first few laps saw Kaplan put up a good
fight trying to stay close but a couple tenths a lap start to eek out a gap. Even with an assist later in the
race from lap traffic it wasn't enough for Craig to get close to Kyle.

Craig would go on to claim second over Victor Garcia who would come home in 3rd. Post race with
Victor he said he has to get the consistency in the car and he will be there. That is the current
challenge. Bill Lin would come home in an impressive 4th over Ken Gerberding in 5th.


Steel City Raceway - US Nats  2021



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WC5S 2020