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Catch us Nov 12th - 15th at SCS Speedway - Protoform G.P.




WC5S - 2019


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SCS Toys for Kids Race

Even with Saturday being a washout the support was there for Sunday with a good turnout and lots of toys collected. Congrats to the Goodwine's for another great event.

Who is this guy ???

If you have been around Nitro Racing long enough you know who Brian Thomas is. Brian took a stab at 5th scale racing
about 10 years ago and the experience left a bad taste in his mouth. But those drivers are gone and for some
reason (May be getting a gift car had something to do with it) he decided to give it another shot. Having had the car
for a few months he decided to make its debut at the Steel City Speedway's Toys for Kids event. Being
slightly underpowered to some of the heavy weights in the field would actually be to his advantage
(well along with his driving talent). See the full recap below.


2) Tony Tam    1) Brian Thomas    3) Rich Reybok


Everyone gathered on Saturday for what we hoped would be a great two day event but mother
nature had a second opinion. Heavy mist turned to light rain for most of the day and a lot of
drivers packed up around noon to head home. But we got a lot of bench racing in. Sunday was a
different story, everyone came out, the track was dry, Mike ran a great event just barely
getting everything in before nightfall. If you didn't get a chance to practice on the track
before this weekend the counter clockwise configuration was a bit of a challenge in the
beginning but like all good racers the times started to fall. The track for the 5th scales
was probably in its best condition mid afternoon. It was time for the mains and the surprise
of the weekend was your TQ Brian Thomas. Not the fastest car in the bunch on
power but that proved to be his advantage on a track with less that perfect grip.

Brian leading in his Blue and White Wilson Security Livery

At the start Brian was able to hold on to the lead until lap 5 when Kyle Goodwine took over
the top spot.

Kyle setting up Brian for the pass for the lead


From lap 16 to 25 there was a great battle between Kyle, Brian and Tony Tam. Kyle would end up
retiring on lap 28. By lap 30 Brian was able to settle into a nice pace,
not having that extra power the other top drivers had ended up paying off as the track got
colder and colder. Everyone was feathering the throttle in the closing laps. A shoutout to Ken
Gerberding and Lee Passehl for taking the dive into STC. Ken ended up finishing 7th in the
Main. Tom Wong and and Z Isayan had strong runs as well.

Kyle, Craig and Rich

While the main race was raging you had the battle for the SCS Championship between Craig Kaplan (White) and
Rich Reybok (Red White Nose). We will see after the final points tally.


2) Gary Kyes    1) Lee Passehl    3)Steve Ballew


At the start your pole sitter Lee Passehl took off and never looked back. His usually
nemesis Ken Gerberding could never really get going to mount a charge and ended up retiring
a short time later. The always consistent Gary Kyes got past Ken before his retirement to
take over second and the spot was his for the remainder of the race but he had to worry
about Steve Ballew who finished in third just 10 seconds back.


Happy Holidays from everyone at West Coast 5th Scale.




Congrats to the RAMS Series Champions



John Burnett

Todd Rizzo
Super Sport

Kurt Jamrus

Al Gerace

Arnold Mercado

Hau-Ching Liao

John Ng

Byron Soublet

Jansen Ng

Mark Drennen

Doug Wallace

Brandon Soublet


The SCS 2nd Annual Neighborhood House Children's Toy Drive starting December 6 is shaping up to be one of the biggest gatherings of 5th Scale in a VERY long time.

This is also the final series race and the #1 spot is only a handful of points apart. Don't miss out, see ya there.





The Wallace Motorsports G.P.


STC A Main Podium

2) A I Luo 1) Tony Tam  3) Zee Isayan


SPEC 5 A Main Podium

2) Lee Passehl 1) Ken Gerberding  3) Gary Kyes



2019 Bill Margolis West Coast Challenge

Well I can not say it was as hot as it was last year but it was pretty darn close. Take away the heat and it was a perfect weekend for racing. Drivers from No Cal, So Cal, Massachusetts, Florida, Canada and Shanghai participated. As usual, by Saturday afternoon the traction was coming up and everyone would have to work on setup changes to combat the rollover effect. By mid day your TQ's were Victor, Todd, Steve Sanchez and Steve Tsuruda. Not everyone would get to keep their spots. By the time it was all said and done, Arnold Mercado would snatch the STC TQ, Mike Braun with the Super Sport and Al Gerace would take the Sportsman TQ.


After a great Saturday of qualifying it was time for our social hour, the 5th scale Meet and Greet. Great location was picked out by the President of the RAMS, but one thing was missing. Can you imagine after a blistering hot day in the sun all you can think of was to relax in a nice air conditioned restuarant and when you walk into the room it was like a sauna.  The restaurant didn't mention that the room had no air, but luckily for them, the way it was designed once it was opened up it cooled off pretty quick and we were able to enjoy a nice evening with everyone.

Every race was setting up to be a good one and there won't be any spoilers here, you can watch the videos for that. Lets just say some people had some harsh failures come their way. All in all everyone had a great time and already talking about next year.


STC Podium

 5 - David Wang 3 - Brian Sullivan 1 - Arnold Mercado 2 - Rich Reybok 4 - Luis Rinzivillo


Note: Videos Fixed...Fullscreen takes about 20 seconds to autocorrect

F1 Podium

 5 - Rich Reybok 3 - Fernando Jose 1 - Hau-Ching Liao 2 - David Wang 4 - Hugh Lawson


Super Sport Podium

 5 - Kurt Jamrus 3 - Rick Wong 1 - Mike Braun 2 - Zee Isayan 4 - Tom Wong


B Main

Sportsman Podium

 5 - Byron Soublet 3 - Tim Gerace 1 - Brandon Soublet 2 - Steve Sanchez 4 - Arron Foskett


More Pictures from Byron Soublet Here


WC5S 2020