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On a picture perfect weekend in Southern California that was missing the recent Heat Waves it produced a great weekend of racing. Everyone adapted to the track and the surface. Special attention was needed by mid Saturday as the traction level was so high cars were getting on two wheels into the sweeper. The surprise of the weekend had to be Robbie Cerrato having the TQ for two rounds of the STC qualifying but even he had to know that was going to be short lived as the last round of the day Markus Feldman laid down the law and improved on that time by three laps bringing Arnaldi and Weigerding in tow. That lead into the evenings events and the meet and great social at Buffalo Wild Wings, everyone one enjoyed themselves that night. The STC main would not disappoint in excitement either (watch and enjoy). The usual suspects in the US were present for F1 with a great battle between Southern and Northern California drivers. The GT Race had a new first time racer take the win and Lito Reyes upstaged Dwayne Lawler to grab the TQ in the Super Bike category but could not bring home the trophy.

STC A Main

Race Organizers would like to thank the following sponsors: FG Supply.com, VSpeed Racing, Goodwine Racing, Genius, Samba, Mecatech, WC5S.com (West Coast 5th Scale), PMT, RC Modelsport, Killam Racing, Feldman Racing, Brooks Racing and the RAMS.

1st Markus Feldman  2nd Robbie Cerrato  3rd Marco Weigerding  4th Frank Killam  5th Tony Vega
      6th  Carlos Cartagena  7th Craig Kaplan (not pictured) 8th B A Arnaldi  9th Arnold Mercado  10th Joel Abreu


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STC A Main Trophies

GT A Main

1st Francisco Hernandez  2nd Hau Ching Liao  3rd Frank Pena  4th Bob Sarnelle  5th Alan Trump (NP)

6th - Tom Wong 7th - James Stuard 8th - Tony Faskett 9th - David Bellenger (NP) 10th - Brian Tucker


F1 A Main

Bob Sarnelle TQ and 1st Place  2nd Bryn Faskett  3rd Steve Sanchez  4th Haun Ching Liao  5th Mark Brennen



1st - Robbie Cerrato  2nd - Dan Almario  3rd - Mike Solis  4th - Moto Ishibashi  5th - Francisco Hernandez


Lito Reyes TQ

1st - Dwayne Lawler  2nd - Lito Reyes  3rd - Ian Francisco  4th - Craig Kaplan (not pictured)   5th - Kevin Hicks

Results - SB-1  SB-2  SB-3







Rams West Coast Challenge

July 15 -17, 2016

Must attend event

The Grand Daddy of the year. The International Challenge.

October 21 - 23rd, 2016