World Challenge 2018

A beautiful weekend at Steel City Speedway saw drivers from Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Mexico, Dominican Republic and USA drivers from Florida, Texas and
Northern and Southern California. It was hot but not the blistering hot weather had in the weeks before. Unless you count the blistering lap that Markus Feldman put down almost destroying the previous 5th scale lap record by 2 seconds. But even for the locals, the track was in such great condition it would be hard to find anyone that didn't run a personal best that weekend. Thursday was a nice mellow day with the visitors getting the feel for the track. Friday morning till afternoon was another practice day and then the first round of qualifying would start around 3:30. The ever professional Mike Brawn keep everything for the weekend on an impeccable schedule and everything ran smoothly. Friday's qualifying would be the start of everyday lap times getting lower and lower. By round four it was pretty well set that Feldman and Catalanni were in. The mad dash would be to fill the remaining 6 spots so your weren't competing in the B Main to try and get the bump. The B wasn't filled with slouches either. The times from 4th to 14th were within 2 seconds of each other. It all came down to who would be the most consistent. With some major arm twisting we got Victor to compete this year and I hope he had fun putting his Mecatech in the show P3.
Saturday Night we had our meet and great with a Trivia Quiz presented by West Coast 5th Scale. After Craig Kaplan pulled an entry from the pile, it was Marquell Osbourne getting the $100 prize. Marquell brought his usual personality to the festivities giving everyone some good laughs.

Sunday was Finals Day. The STC Finale had tons of excitement. You have to watch the race. But going from pure domination with your Teammate right behind you to your Teammate having issues falling into the clutches of one of the locals to that local eventually taking the lead only to loose it and have one of the owners of the track take the lead with less than 2 minutes to go and come home with the win, it doesn't get much better than that for excitement.


2018 World Challenge Final Drivers

Your STC Finishing Order

1) Kyle Goodwine 2) Tony Vega 3) Victor Garcia 4) Luis Diaz 5) John Prijs

6) Luis Rinzivillo 7) Markus Feldman 8) Andrea Catalanni 9) Craig Kaplan 10) George Velazco


STC Finale with a different beginning and ending view

Original Sunday Broadcast with final qualifier and all mains

Your GT Finishing Order

2) James Stuard 1) Jason Markley  3) Scott Kerley

Your GT8 Finishing Order

2) Dan Almario 1) Mark Barden 3) Matthew Myers


WC5S 2018

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