The 2018 West Coast Challenge



The West Coast Challenge started up on Friday with a few drivers getting out to the track to get the dust off or make some setup changes since the last Club Race. Everything was set for Saturday Qualifying. There were some new faces this year with the RAMS which is always good to grow the sport and they were losing a member, Dino Tapia. Hanging up his California Residence and moving on. The RAMS hope they can talk him into making at least one trek a year and coming out to participate in the WCC. The biggest class of the weekend was Sportsman with two relative new comers, Jansen Ng and Brendan Foskett having good showings. The 4WD class had your usuall suspects minus Dan Kim as well as STC. In remembering last year, the time from the top to bottom has gotten a lot closer. Even TQ Tony Vega who decided to sit out the last qualifier and announce was sweating a little bit as the last cars took to the track and at one point threatened his top spot.

In F1 Fernando Jose showed up on Sunday and dropped the gauntlet down to get TQ and it was over from there. He went on to dominate the race. Places 2nd - 5th were in flux throughout the race with pretty much 3rd being a lock by Bill Lin showing you can still get it done without the high budget car. Steve Gerace ran a very consistant race after overcoming his early race issue with the infield eating grass. We are still trying to figure out what happened to Marc Drennen and his horrific crash. The crane had to be brought in to remove his car.

The Sportsman class had the biggest entry list and the main could have been won by any of the top 5 qualifiers and even possibly by the two newer drivers Jansen Ng and Brendan Foskett. And the big surprise of the weekend was.....wait for it.....Yes it did happen. Tim Gerace was back behind the wheel of a car and had times that could have put him in the top 5 had he not had a mechanical. Don't let it be a one and done and put the car on the shelf....lol.

The TQ 4WD driver Daniel Colhour had the bad luck bug, Lost the lead early, fell to 5th, made his way back up to 2nd to fall to 5th again and that's were he stayed until his retirement. Your 2nd place finisher John Ng pretty much stayed in place the whole race, but what could have been if he didn't have a front brake failure. Your 5th place qualifier Henry Cruz would come home in 3rd with a very consistent run and the win went to Doug Wallace.

West Coast 5th Scale Pit Walk


Michael Grim          Tony Vega             Todd Rizzo

STC Main Results


Dino Tapia              Huan-Ching Liao           Steve Gerace

Sportsman Main Results


Henry Cruz              Doug Wallace           John Ng

4WD Main Results


Bill Lin                   Fernando Jose           Steve Gerace

F1 Main Results

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